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This is a work in progress, a sort of test to see how we would go at squaring collections to put them in common and unburden Leafo.
Open to suggestions and, of course, links.

https://itch.io/c/1707539/mosaic-strict SabreCat (2021)

https://itch.io/c/2552907/mosaic JD Corley (2022-06)

https://itch.io/c/1605835/mosaic BrotherScot (2022-06)

https://itch.io/c/1816625/supplements-add-ons-mosaic-strict (present, also contains non mosaic)

https://itch.io/c/2811435/ceramic-strict Gwyllgi (present, stricter than mosaic)

https://itch.io/c/2645424/ceramic-strict Hereticwerks (present, stricter than mosaic)

public domain photo by Darren Lewis

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what is Leafo?

In any case, my solution was the TTRPG Creator database with a Notion Page. It allows you to make tags and all, and there is a neat little browser extension that allows you to import a whole new entry with just a couple of clicks. All I have to do manually is add tags. If you wanna look into that I am happy to help you try it and set it up.

Hi, Leafo is the owner of this place.

I would like to make use of tools on itch.io, even if it means repurposing them some. When itch is down, your database will still be up and running, though…

yeah, I definitely try to use stuff that is more dynamic and less work to keep. if I have to go through more difficult processes, I drop things because of ADHD.

the database so far got 400+ entries and is quietly growing. I want to extend it to TTRPG game jams at some point.

so yeah, my 1st thought was itch but itch does not have any easy database tools past creating a collection.

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I added resources to the database ;) Making a project for each collection^2 allows me to tag it. It can then be added to the database. Also, I like that curation is shared and distributed at 3 levels : network robustness, small bites workloads.