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You should check out A Mimir by Vapordruid, she made it for the previous edition of the jam. It's a textured cootie catcher game about being a cat. 

This looks amazing! I'm going to try it out! 

Thank you! as always with light games, you need to create most of the content.

You’re right, Vapordruid did something beautiful. It gave me an idea: if I can get a piece of felt or some such material, that would be nice (and soft).

Have a good day!

J'aime beaucoup le principe !

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L’idée part de là :

J’ai d’abord pensé à un flexagone, mais c’est très compliqué à faire ! ;)

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Hey !

I saw this game last week while browsing the hermit club:
FOLDS SRD by Fleet Detrik (

It's very cool to see the differences between your two systems, from the same simple idea :D
I think your is more elegant in it's design, the other one looks like a d8 oracle with extra steps.

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Hello, Thank you for finding FOLDS! And for the nice comparison :D And for looking at the game in the first place!

The next step would be to write variations for different “playbooks / setting elements” around these emotional “moves” (as in Apocalypse World / Dream Askew). But as for now the proof of concept is probably enough.